Logo Embroidery is the preferred choice of personalising or branding clothing as in most cases, it is the most professional looking. Not only does it have a quality look and feel, it is also as durable as the clothing itself and will withstand repeated washing.

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Logo T-Shirt Cap Embroidery Johannesburg South Africa

Logo T-Shirt Cap Embroidery Johannesburg South Africa

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Digitising your logo, image or text into stitches incurs a one-off cost in addition to the garments and the logo embroidery itself. Our aim is to be as fair as possible with this so simple logos will incur the minimal cost (from R150) and use of our stock fonts is free of charge. We provide free logo digitising for all orders over R1000. This applies to one logo in one size. All we ask you to do is send us your logo or image to [email protected]. Although we can make almost any format work, an eps, pdf or high-resolution jpeg formats are preferred. After you give us the go-ahead, our logo digitising team will look at each and every part of your logo or design and make sure every stitch is optimised to create the best possible results by deciding on stitch type, direction, density and thread type.

Although the vast majority of products in our catalogue are ideal for logo embroidery, not all fabrics are suitable for embroidery but we are more than happy to guide and advise you on the best garments for your purpose.

Logo embroidery is one of the most effective ways to find prospective customers for your brand. The embroidered items of clothing like shirts, Golf Shirts, T-shirts, hats, caps and coats attract the attention of the people more than the Printing or electronic media.

The promotional logo embroidery has been in use by many big companies to promote their brands.

Advantages of logo embroidery

  • When customized logo embroidery of a company is worn by the public, it creates a billboard for the prospective customers.
    They recognize the brand quite easily, as they see the company logo every now and then. A logo which is well created as embroidery can be a more potent advertising tool than the television or glossy magazine.
  • The logo embroidery is more cost effective than any other form of advertisement.
  • Logo embroidery provides more exposure to the brand and hence it is more preferred.
    If a few people wear the customised logo embroidered products even once a week, the exposure is considered to be quite high.
  • Most of the people like to wear the logo embroidered clothing of branded companies.
    It gives them a feeling of being the brand ambassador of a famous brand.
    A company can thus get the service of many brand ambassadors without having to spend much.

Some Logo Embroidery facts to be borne in mind

Before opting for the logo embroidery, one must remember a few things.

  • Consult a specialist logo embroider so as to check whether your company’s logo can be embroidered properly or not.
    The color scheme and design of the embroidered logo must be identical to the original company logo.
  • The embroiderer should be able to create the imPrinting of the logo in such a way that it provides a positive image of the company.
  • If the logo can’t be embroidered in the appropriate form, then decide whether you want to customize it in a usable format or not.
    The design department of the logo embroidery company should be able to give you the design options.
  • The original logo may have some colors that might be difficult to recreate with the exact thread for embroidery.
    It must, therefore, be matched to near perfection.

If you are planning to use logo embroidery for your brand, keep these points in mind and try to find a logo embroider who can create magic with the logo embroidery.
A well-embroidered logo on a cap or T-shirt not only increases the brand awareness but also gives the wearer a new image.

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